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Xinxiang Jieda Precision Electronics Co Ltd JIEDA is a high tech knowledge intensive enterprise with two PHD degree holders More than 70 employees graduated from colleges or higher level schools We specialized in the development and manufacture of heating tube element using thick film technology for a wide range of applications Our brand ANDETONG is the first registered Chinese brand of stainless steel thick film heating tube JIEDA company can supply products according to customers drawings and offer our clients reasonable prices Our company also can develop heating solutions and products together with customers Experience More than 6 years experiences in Stainless Steel Tube Thick Film...

Categories and Products

Thick Film Heating Tube

2.2KW Thick Film Heating Tubes

instant electric 2200w thick film heating tube 2080w thick film heating tube for dishwasher Heating element for dishwahser 2.08kw 500w instant electric thick film heating tube 230v thick film heating tube for dishwasher Special thick film heating tube for dishwasher 230v 1600w instant electric thick film heating tube 110v liquid heating tube instant heating spare part Fast heating Instant Heater For Conditioner 1600w Customized 1800w tubular heater for electrical faucet 2200w dual power electric heating tube Flowing Water Heater Electric Heating Pipe dual power electric heating tube 1400w and 800w 230v fast stainless steel heating tube 110v electric heater for milk frothers Small size heating pipe for water dispenser 1800w diameter 18mm electric heating tube Low temperature heating pipe element with low voltage Electrical water heating smart tube cooking tube 120v low power heater element 

3KW Thick Film Heating Tubes

Water heater heating spare parts Electrical Water Heater Parts Tankless instant water heater heating parts 3.3kw waterproof heating tube for water tap Electric water heating smart tube cooking tube Electric water heating smart cooking tube Electrical water heating smart cook tube Electrical water heating smart cook tube 3kw 3kw Electrical water heating smart cooking tube Electrical liquid heating smart cook tube 3kw 3kw Electrical water heater smart cooking tube 3500w electric heating tube for water equipement 3300W electric heating heater for water dispenser Hot water machine heating element spare parts Water machine heating element spare parts 230v electric heater for circulating heating water heater 2200w 220v instant heating elements instant heating elements for electrical water tap 

4KW Thick Film Heating Tubes

4KW thick film heater for industrial equipment 4kw electric heating tube for water heating High power efficiency heater for industry use 40mm instant heating tube for industrial equipement High power efficiency heater for industry application 

5KW Thick Film Heating Tubes

5kw water heating tube 5kw stainless steel thick film heater 5500w high power density heating element 

6KW Thick Film Heating Tubes

Industrial use thick film heating tube 6kw water heating tube large power 

Eelectric Heating Element

2200W Eelectric Heating Element

Bearing pressure heating spare parts for coffee machine Double Power Heating Element for water purifier 2200w electric heating element with thermostant 1200W electric heating element with NTC sensor 1800w 230v thick film heater 800W electric heating element with NTC sensor Thread Interface Welding Heater Small size electric heating parts 1600W 220V Commerical thick film heating element 800w or 1400w electrical water heater 800W 1400W fast heating thick film heater Water heating element for kettle optional low power heating element 2050w circular heating element thick film heating element 1600W SUS444 stainless steel electric heating element Electrical water heating element for solar heating system 2200w 220v instant water heater tankless Instant and fast water heating element 2kw Electric heating element for hot water dispenser 220v 2200w minimun tubular instant water heater 

3300W Electric Heating Element

3000w Tubular heater as water heater element Electric heater with 30mm heating tube Instant beverage heating element for coffee machine 3300w thick film water heating element Electrical heating element water heater spare parts Small size electrical water heating spare parts Fast and instant heater with NTC sensor Fast and Instant Heater For Kitchen Appliances 3000w instant tubular heater Rare earth thick film heating element TFH Cylinder heater for heating appliance 220v g1/2 inlet and outlet size of electric instant heater Rare earth thick film water heater 220v 3000w commercial coffee maker heating element Boiling water heater without PCB 

Larger Than 3300W Heating Element

6000w instant heating element of water heater 50mm 6000w thick film electric heater parts Thick film heating element of water heater 

Thick Film Heating Plate/Board

100w 12v thick film heating plate High temperature thick film heating plate 12V Low power and voltage heating plate High power density thick film heating plate Instant heating stainless steel heating board Long life span electric thick film heater Square arc parallel circuit heating board Customizing 100VAC operated heating pad 430 stainless steel thick film conduction heaters fast response and uniformity thick film heater 120 v cooking electric heater 

Instant Heating Smart Kits

Instant Heating Test Kit

Instant Heating temperature control test kit Low hot temperature water instant heating module Smart testing kit for water heating 3300W Instant Water Boiling Test Kit 3KW Instant Water Boiling Test Kit Instant heating test module for water dispenser 2050w new standard thick film heating testing Target temperature and target volume heating module Target temperature and volume heating test module 2050W double power instant water heating testing module 45℃ hot water generator instant heating heater Long life timewater kettle heating element Instant heating test kit for water dispenser Instant heating test kit for water purifier Instant heating test kit for hot water dispenser Instant heating test kit for water machine Target temperature electrical heating test module Precious temp heating module Safe electric heating module 2200W 220V 

Test Kit With Water Tank

Instant Heating Test Kit with Preheating Water Tank 

Heater Category By Application

Instant Heater For Water Faucet

instant electric thick film heating tube 2200w 3300W Electric Heating Element for water faucet 3000w thick film heater for electric faucet 1800w tubular heater for electrical faucet customized Instant Type Smart Water Heater tube 1500w Electric Tubular Heater for home appliances Φ35mm heating pipes for instant water faucet 220v high temperature heating element 3300w waterproof heating element for water tap Flash heating element and heating tube Quick heating element and heating tube Tublar heater dual power heating element 1700W stainless steel instant heating coil element Electric heating body for water faucet Cylindrical surfaces thick film heating element Thick film heater for hot water faucet 220v electric fast heating pipe 30mm diameter thick film heaters 2200w 220v instant heating elements for electric faucet Spare instant heating elements for electric faucet 

Instant Heater For Water Dispenser

Hot Water Dispenser heating Spare Parts electric heating element with PTC utility Instant boiling thick film water heater 110v 1500w Electric Heater Test Model Flowing Water Heater Electronic Heating Parts Small heating element and electric heating parts Small size heating element for water dispenser 3KW Instant Water Boiling Test Module Dual Power Heating Element for water purifier 3300W high power density electric heating element Boiled water heating element without controling board Small size heating pipes for water dispenser Replacement electric heater of heating coil 120v low power heating element Low temperature heating tube element low voltage Dual Power Heater Element for water purifier Incoloy heating element and waterproof heating element Instant and quick heating tube element 120v instant tubular heater for high-end coffee maker 800W electric heating element for water dispenser 

Instant Heater For Water Purifier

Electric tubular heating element for electric water heater thick film water heater spare parts Water instant heating module 30mm Electric Heater for water purifiers 20mm 1800w electric instant heating tube Thick film boiling heating element for water purifiers Flowing Water Heater Electric Heating Tube 30mm Electric Heater for hot water filter Instant heating test module kit for water dispenser Hot water heater element for water purifiers Electric heating element with temperature control 3 phase water heating element Instant water heating element with thermostat Instant water heating element with manual thermostat Instant water heating element with automatic thermostat Battery powered electric heating element Instant water heating element with two thermostats Instant water heating element with handle thermostats Instant water heating element with double thermostats Professional water heating element 

Instant Heater For Kitchen Appliances

Low power and voltage heating plate Electrical spare parts for heaing water instantly 120v coffee maker electric heater High thermal efficiency water heating parts Low voltage electrical heating element for coffee maker 1800w 120v Coffee Maker Electric Heater 1500W Bearing Pressure Thick Film Heater Instant heating element for coffee machine 110v 1500w Electric Heater Test Module Instant Heating Testing Module with Preheating Water Tank Different target temperature electric heating body 220V Instant heater tubular heating element Boiled water heating element without PCB board control Plane surface high temperature electric heating plate 1500w Electric Tubular Heater for kitchen appliance Fast Heater For Kitchen Appliances Electrical Instant heating element for coffee machine 2000w high power density cooking electric heater Brew SUS430 electric heating element Steam boiler heating element 

Instant Heater For Vehicle Air-conditioner

2200w fast heating Instant Heater For Conditioner 1800w tubular heater for electrical faucet Double power electric heating tube 1400w and 800w Low power low voltage stainless steel heating tube Large power density heating element machinery Rare earth stainless steel thick film heater 500vdc thick film heater for automobile heating Customized direct current thick film heating element High power density heater for steamer Thick film heater for car thermal system High power density heater for steam machine Antifreeze heater for car heating system High dielectric layer safety water heating element 230v thick film heating element for heating systems The heating system for automobile 10kw heating element for pure electrical car Heating solutions for home appliances The heating system for air conditioner Heating spare part SUS444 thick film heating pipe Large power heater for transportation industry 

Instant Heater For Dishwasher

1400w instant electric thick film heating tube 230V Heater Pump For Dishwasher 2.08kw 230V Heater Pump For Dishwasher High quality dishwasher heating element 2080w 220v thermal exchage heater for dishwasher Bosch dishwasher heating element 2.08kw Temperature control electric heater with NTC Household dishwasher fast heating element Electric heating body for famous dishwasher Home used dishwasher thick film heater Under pressure heater for instant water heater Regular curve surface thick film heating products 50w/cm2 power density thick film heating element 

Industrial Equipment Heater

For industry usage thick film heating element Instant Heating Test Module with Temperature Control 3000w thick film thermal exchange heater 800w instant electric thick film heating tube 500w low power electric heating tube Thick Film Heating Tubes for industrial equipment Large power thick film heating tubes Different target temperature electric heating tubes Low power and voltage heating board 380v Rare-earth electric heating element 4000W large power water heater parts Straight heating tube with spiral column Fast and efficent electric heating element 5000w large power steam boiler heating element steam boiler heating tube element steam boiler heating pipe element SUS444 Instant and fast heating pan for industrial machine 1000w thick film heating element for medical machine large wattage steam boiler heating element PTC utility stainless thick film heater 

Temperature Controlled Electric Heater

20mm Electric Heater

500W electric heating element with NTC sensor Commerical use thick film heating element 1600W 220V 2000w/230v electric heating tube for washing machine Mini instant electric heating pipe element 20mm thick film heater for water heating 1600W hot water purifier instant heating element Thick film heater with 20mm heating tube 

Dual Power Electric Heater

Electric tubular heater element for electric water heater Thick film heating element temperature control Electric heating element for solar water heater Electric heating element for solar water heating system 

30mm Electric Heater

Long work life water through heater Instant electric fluid heating element Electric Heater for water purifiers 3000W 220V Instant heating tubular heating element Electric heating element water heater spare parts Tubular electric instant heating element Dia 30mm Electric Heater for hot water filter 30mm diameter thick film heating tube 

50mm Electric Heater

5500W Industrial Equipment thick film Heater 280VDC thick film heater for electric vehicle 

Bearing Pressure Thick Film Heater

20mm Stainless Steel Welding Heater

110v 1600w coffee maker heating element Stainless steel welding bearing pressure electric heater 1200w electric heater for espresso machine 800W under pressure instant heating element 1000W thick film heating element 

30mm Stainless Steel Welding Heater

Small size electric heating spare parts 1500W Bearing Pressure Thick Film Heater 120V Thick film heating element for water heater Electric heating spare parts for water dispenser SUS444 electric heating element 100v tubular heating element 100v tube heating element 120v tube heating element 3300w instant electric heating element 3000w tubular heater for water heating element Pure resistance water heating element 3300w stainless steel interface instant heating element Stainless steel rare earth thick film heater 3000w withstand water pressure thick film heater 

40mm Stainless Steel Welding Heater

Bearing large pressure electric heating parts Rare-earth instant Heating element 5500 instant thick film heating tube element Large power heater for transport industry 

Instant Type Smart Water Heater

Boiled water heater without PCB board Boiled water heater without PCB board control Thick film instant boiling water heater 3000W Hot water dispenser heater parts Instant boiling water heater for boiler 220v high performance electric heating module Instant type smart heating body for solvent Thick film instant water boiler heater Heating solution for home appliances Plumbing water heating element 3000w instant type smart water heater RO water purifier's electrical heating element RO water dispenser electrical heater element RO water purifier's electrical heating element RO water purifier's electrical heating element Electrical heating element for RO water filter 

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